Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where have you been?

Well life has taken a very remarkable upswing for me.  I apologize that I haven't been more active on the blog.  I truly run out of things to say. During the past few months I have been hard at work with orders coming in for the holidays.  

On a more significant note I have been studying to become a Reiki Master.  So what is reiki? The way I like to explain it is as a type of universal energy that is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.  The recipient receives whatever type of energy they need to become realigned with their true self.  It could be spiritual, physical, mental or all of the above.  Like all healing modalaties a healer that is not an actual medical doctor can never claim that they can "heal" anything no matter how true in thier experience it may be.  As a Reiki Master the most we can ever promise is relaxation.  However that being said I can say that I personally no longer have an issue with the sciatica I've had for years after working on myself.  My asthma hasn't popped up once.  And I have more energy than I have had in 20 years.  My body was hurting all the time.  I had headaches every day and a myriad of chronic issues.  I was in bed by 8 and could barely drive myself to the store.  Since I started my energy work I have been driving long distances.  Last night it was almost midnight by the time I returned.  I used to have to be chauffeured most places.  I cannot put into words how epic this is!

From a friend I worked on "During multiple sessions with Bonnie I've experienced relief from back pain which is not quite gone but whenever I had my sessions it disappeared completely.  I'm confident it will not return with additional work.  One night I was having terrible stomach issues and it was immediately relieved.    During a time when I was having extreme anxiety I felt more relaxed and could sleep but I also felt as if something has been removed from me.  I felt like something had been physically pulled out of my body.  I have felt warm sensations and tingling throughout my body during the work.  Immediate relief from sinus pressure.  Once when she was doing some work on my head area my usually clogged allergic sinuses cleared.  Whenever I have had this energy work done I have felt calm, fresh, and relaxed."

I have every intention of taking on energy work as a full practice.  It is because of the health opportunities that I have had that I turned to this type of work.  My initial intention was to work on myself and then use it to help others.  I am excited to go further and learn additional modalities like DNA and matrix healing, light body activation.

Blessings to all!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments

Just click on the photos to view the tutorials 

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Glitter Ornaments with Pledge Wood Cleaner?

Pom Pom Santa

Paper Snowflakes

Nature Ornaments

Peanut Christmas Garland

Acorn Tops

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crystal Encrusted Black Clutch Giveaway

Sarah from Seamseternal is giving away this gorgeous handmade clutch.  You may remember her from her interview.

Valued at $68 US this is an amazing giveaway.  Sarah made this little black clutch by weaving satin ribbon and then individually hand stitching a crystal to each intersection of the ribbon. There are over 150 6mm Swarovski crystal bicones on this clutch. 

The clutch is entirely hand made and it has a zip closure. The lining features one small pocket which is the perfect size for one or two credit cards. This bag is the perfect size for a phone a lipstick and a great night out. 

More chances to win than ever before! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shop Discovery-Amy Tyler Photography

I'd like to take this time to talk about a shop I discovered on Etsy called AmyTylerPhotography.  I fell in love with Amy's photos from first glance.  I love the soft serene colors, the dreamy photo effects and soft cuddlies.  As many of you know I have a weakness for nature and fuzzies.  She has both.  I have a particular affinity for baby ducks, kittens, and super soft cutesy creatures.  She had all my favorites including hummingbirds.  I was in love.


 I saw that she had iphone cases too. I sat there for a good long while and felt sorry for myself because I have an older phone and no one makes cases for older models. I fell in love with the two snuggling baby ducks. After looking at them numerous times I figured "what the heck maybe she can get someone to make an older case". So I asked and to my surprise she said yes and started looking for vendors to print one up for me. She actually had a couple that said they could and then they promptly stopped responding when she was ready to complete the order. But she pressed on and found one. She kept me updated the entire time sending messages back and forth, asking opinions to make sure I got a case like I wanted. Hands down the best customer service I have received to date.
When I got my package I teared up. Literally. Yes I can be entirely too soft hearted but heck there are worse things in life. She hand wrote a thank you letter which in and of itself is touching these days.My case was well wrapped and exactly what I wanted. The photo of the babies is amazingly well printed. The colors really pop and it actually glows. 
My phone cover and photo
I couldn't even wait to get back from the mailbox and was tearing into the package on the walk back home. When I got back to the house I was getting ready to go shopping and my friend was waiting out in the car. But I couldn't wait. I had to put my phone case on. All smiles I held up my baby duck case like I had just won the nobel peace prize or something. My friend was patiently waiting in the car in the driveway. I ran out to hold up the photo of the baby ducks to the car window like some sort've deranged nutter. I was really excited! All day long I kept looking at my phone case. My friend now in a foul mood due to disappointing shopping, holiday crowds and crazy drivers had to put up with me just holding up the phone case and smiling. But he couldn't help but crack a smile himself. I mean hello it's snuggling baby ducks with hearts!

So in closing I was super impressed with my experience with Amy. She went above and beyond and has a very happy customer. Do not hesitate to make a purchase.

Oh and guess what? She is going to be giving away your choice of a custom iphone case or photo of your choice in a contest right here on the blog! Stay tuned!

Find Amy at:

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